Product Lifecycle Management

JustFoodERP provides full Electronic Lab Notebook functionality, incorporating all internal and customer communication, workflow, and document management. Incorporate lab versions to track changes in nutritionals and ingredient declaration. Track all R&D costs associated to your work for the purposes of tax credits.
Features include:

  • Opportunity Management and Tracking. Track all your custom projects on the go. Analyze your win-rate by customer. Perfect tool for your weekly update with R&D.
  • Fully integrated Documentation Management. Retain all records associated to the R&D process from concept to production ramp-up.
  • Manage Customer Communication. Record all interactions with customers (in the event they change their mind on version 41 and want to revert back to version 14.)
  • Full Approval Workflow. If your company uses a formal stage/gate process, record approvals on documents electronically. If you don’t have a formal process, we have one for you.
  • Track Recipe Versions. Track changes in recipe versions, incorporating all elements of costing, ingredient declaration, and nutritional analysis.
  • Track R&D Costs. Have your R&D team record costs and time effort against each project giving you full visibility on your investment return, also useful for making R&D claims for tax credits.
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