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Customer Care Portal: This is You Before & After

Does trying to track your customer care tickets make you frustrated? Does it make you feel like this (left)...when you'd really rather feel like THIS! (right) We can help you get to your happier place – just by showing you a few of the features of the JustFoodERP Customer Care...

Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Recognized

Many of our customers supply the foodservice industry, including Royal Food Service Co., a distributor of perishable products across the southeast U.S. That Atlanta, GA-based company is a member of PRO*ACT, North America’s leading fresh produce supply chain group with more than 70 third...

What are you Doing about Fixed Asset Management?

I was visiting a food company recently, and they brought up the fact that they are not tracking routings. I was surprised, and asked them: how do you know what it’s costing you to run your machines? Sure, they knew how many hours it takes to run a machine through production, but what...

New Badge of Honor in Food Labeling: Non-GMO Project Verified

The “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal is a real badge of honor to display on food packaging these days; it’s been cited as the fastest growing label in the natural products industry, representing more than 20,000 products amounting to about $178 billion in sales in the U.S...
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