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Global Expansion of Confectionery Company Supported by Microsoft Azure and JustFoodERP

We are very excited to help support the global expansion of a new JustFoodERP customer – Packom Sweets, the manufacturers of Jake vitamincandy™. JustFoodERP software will be rolled out at their new plant in Wayne, NJ and at their manufacturing facility in Belgrade, Serbia. The...

IndustryBuilt Showcases Customers & Employees

We did a facelift to our corporate head office recently to showcase the accomplishments of both our employees and customers.  You can’t really miss it when you walk through our open-concept space, since both the color and funky shapes jump out at you from the walls. Obviously we...

The Value of GMPs in Food Safety & Quality Standard Certification

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) - a set of basic principles guiding personnel, equipment, facilities, production and process controls - are a long established and ubitiquous feature of food manufacturing. However, GMPs can mean a great deal more than that to food companies: they can relate...

Kids' Allergies & Other Restrictions Met by JustFoodERP at Food for Tots

Food for Tots, the leading children’s caterer in the City of Toronto and surrounding regions, has gone live with JustFoodERP software for the management of allergens and cultural food requirements unique to each child that receives 3 million meals a year at childcare centres and schools...
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