At JustFoodERP, we never stop working to continually improve our software. Releasing periodic Feature Packs that augment the software for our customers is part of that commitment, and this month we’ve released a whole new Feature Pack full of valuable additions and enhancements.

First among these is the completion of a suite of features designed for variable weight production. If you work with variable weight products or catch weights, you already know the challenges it can cause. No two fish, turkeys or racks of lamb are exactly the same. That’s why we’ve built features that:

  • Work the way your products do, easily accommodating variable and catch weights intuitively;
  • Support tracking weights all through your production facility, from receiving ingredients to shipping finished goods and everything in between;
  • Offer new costing tools made for variable weight production;
  • Capture weight information in data-rich bar codes for easy and accurate scanning and inventory tracking;
  • Let you apply rebates or discounts, or even pay commissions based on weight.

As well as recognizing the special challenges of catch weights and variable weight products, Feature Pack 3 also includes new features for planning and recording production of interrelated products, like a sub primal beef loin and the various cuts it can yield, intuitively and intelligently. When interrelated products have significantly different market prices, properly tracking them and allocating costs accordingly becomes an important part of your accounting and decision making. The new tools make it easy.

Part of our mission to make things easy also includes collecting feedback from our customers and incorporating some of the suggestions that they tell us will make a big impact. To that end, Feature Pack 3 includes more robust support for information-rich, single-scan barcodes that follow the GS1 standard. Scanning is much faster and easier now, and of course you can print bar codes as well as scan them.

Other critical enhancements based on user feedback include:

  • A highly streamlined, guided user interface for handheld devices that’s optimized for warehouse use and that vastly simplifies and speeds warehouse picking and receiving activities;
  • An ability to customize bar codes without any special skills or development effort;
  • Many new improvements to product costing and other core parts of the software.

Feature Pack 3 represents a big step forward for JustFoodERP, making the world’s leading food industry software an even more complete and easy-to-use solution. Whether you are looking for a Foundation, Professional or Enterprise implementation of JustFoodERP, Feature Pack 3 includes additions and improvements that make it an even more compelling choice for companies in the food industry.


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