Make and Process Frozen Foods Better.

JustFood ERP software has been designed for manufacturers and distributors in the frozen foods industry to operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and grow their businesses. JustFood frozen foods customers have access to long-term expiry management features, optimized logistics planning and increased inventory intelligence functionality.

Warehouse / Inventory

Long-term shelf life and warehouse management

Manage your shelf life requirements with in-depth lot tracking data. Forecast how long finished products need to be stored for before reaching expiry requirements set out by your customers.

Warehouse / Inventory

Mobile device management

Utilize mobile scanning technology to make your warehouse more efficient and accurate. Empower employees with the tools they need to properly track inventory and provide you with better production and inventory data.


Manage sell by date

Create custom schedules for each of your customers and provide them with products that meet their unique sell-by dates. Ensure that finished goods are shipped once they qualify for each customer’s individual timeframe requirements.

Features for frozen foods

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