Make and Package Snacks Better.

JustFood ERP software has been designed to help companies in the snack industry operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and grow their businesses. JustFood snack customers have been able to better consolidate and optimize batches, segregate and substitute allergens and streamline traceability processes.

Warehouse / Inventory

Expiry management

Apply expiry information at an ingredient level to ensure only ingredients with similar shelf lives are mixed together. Leverage real-time data to maintain a “first expiry, first out” principle at your facility.

Manufacturing / Production

Production scheduling

Schedule production based on shelf life, allergen segregation, equipment maintenance or manufacturing time to maximize your machinery, manpower and materials.


Manage rebate programs

Manage customer rebates from the sales order level. Leverage accurate sales data to guide purchasing, scheduling and other operational decisions.

Features for snacks

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