Make Ingredients, Flavorings and Spices Better.

JustFood ERP software for ingredients, flavorings and spices has been designed to help companies operate more efficiently, comply with food safety regulations and scale their business. JustFood ingredient, flavoring and spice customers are able to mange their inventory better, apply lot tracking to all raw materials and operate on a first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) production schedule.


Broker / commission management

Factor in broker fees and commissions directly from purchasing modules in real time to get the full cost of materials. Account for seasonal material costs to help guide forecasting plans and purchasing schedules.

Food Safety

Lot traceability throughout processing

Manage all materials from vendors and brokers throughout the production and storage cycle. Quarantine materials based on shelf life, allergen risk and point of origin to maintain compliance with food safety rules.

Manufacturing / Production

Production / washdown scheduling

Schedule production based on similar materials, manufacturing times and equipment maintenance to preserve the quality and safety of your products. System workflows ensure schedules are followed.

Features for ingredients, flavorings and spices

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