Manufacture and Distribute Baked Goods Better.

JustFood ERP software for frozen and fresh wholesale bakeries has been designed to help companies in the bakery industry operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and grow their businesses. JustFood customers are managing their bakeries better with the help of granular lot tracking, batch management tools, simplified quality and safety audits and a comprehensive customer relationship management system.


Optimize batch management

Integrated, real-time data informs scheduling, ensuring that batches contain accurate material amounts, meet expiry timeframes and yield the best results.

Manufacturing / Production

Account for rework and make the most of your materials

Track rework materials and reuse them for future batches, resulting in more accurate forecasting and better purchasing decisions.

Food Safety / Compliance

Quality audits every step of the way

Set up mandatory quality checks around formulation temperatures, washdown procedures and finished product reviews.

Features for wholesale bakeries

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