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JustFood is proud to introduce its new Foundation edition, a fixed price, fixed implementation product that includes all the essential elements for kick-starting an ERP implementation at a single location with an easy path to expand to additional locations in the future.

Foundation is designed for growing food companies looking to replace antiquated software or adopting integrated business software (ERP) for the first time. This edition offers a painless transition to industry-grade ERP in an affordable way and reduces the risks, costs and business disruption for growing food companies transitioning into integrated business process management software.

What makes JustFoodERP Foundation special?

  • The cost is fixed so you know exactly what you’ll pay. Some ERP systems offer “fixed pricing” but charge by the hour if things don’t go exactly according to plan.
  • The implementation is fixed so you know exactly what you’ll get. You won’t have to wade through endless options and add-ons. Because we’re food experts, we know what’s critical to your business and have already included it.
  • Foundation is just for food companies so it needs no customization. You want a specialist. Many ERP systems claim to specialize, but the specialty often turns out to be “process manufacturing.” That’s everything from concrete to carpeting. No wonder they need custom modifications for food companies.
  • No one-size-fits-all: Foundation is optimized for growing companies looking for an easy path to ERP without sacrificing scalability. Medium sized food businesses’ needs are different from those of a multi-plant global enterprise. We offer the right fit, not a forced one.
  • You won’t outgrow it; it’s easily upgraded to Professional or Enterprise. You’ll get what you need without extra features that don’t add value. Most ERP systems can’t offer that degree of flexibility and future proofing.

Ready for a specialized food ERP?

Learn more about Aptean Food & Beverage ERP JustFood Edition — a solution purpose-built to solve your challenges and propel your food business and digital transformation to the next level.