ALLENTOWN, PA. (June 30, 2016) – JustFoodERP, a leader in the food software industry, has launched Foundation, a fixed price implementation of JustFoodERP. Foundation is designed to get food businesses up and running in a single production facility on a predictable schedule and to easily incorporate additional locations in the future. It provides industry-grade ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) functionality with all the costs known up front. This new way of delivering JustFoodERP reduces the risks, costs and business disruption for growing food and beverage businesses transitioning to integrated business process management software.

Built for the food industry by career food professionals, JustFoodERP is all-in-one software that unites different parts of a business under one integrated system. For finance, sales, traceability and recall information and more, JustFoodERP helps users simplify complex processes, improve food safety and manage compliance so they can minimize inefficiencies and focus on growing their business.

Foundation was designed to meet the needs of food manufacturers with 30 employees or more. Its prescriptive approach means that customers will have the functionality they need with no customization and world class customer support.

“Food and beverage companies moving to ERP for the first time finally have a straightforward, low-risk option with a fixed price and fixed scope,” says Steve Judges, VP Product Management at JustFoodERP. “Foundation allows for a smooth upgrade path when they’re ready to move to up. This will take a lot of the anxiety out of ERP selection and implementation for these growing companies.”

JustFoodERP offers two additional implementations of the software, Professional and Enterprise, offered to companies with larger and more complex needs. With over 10 years of experience implementing ERP at hundreds of food manufacturing companies, JustFoodERP now offers implementation flavors for most food companies in North America.


About JustFoodERP:

JustFoodERP delivers software for the food industry. Their experienced food experts help your company lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance to keep customers successful. They do this by giving customers the software they need to run their businesses efficiently and profitably. Over 200 customers across North America enjoy the benefits of JustFoodERP software.

JustFoodERP is an IndustryBuilt Software company, with offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Mississauga, Ontario. Visit JustFood ERP, and follow JustFoodERP on Twitter @justfooderp.


For more information contact:

Nadia Osman
Community Manager, JustFoodERP


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