ALLENTOWN, August 24, 2016 – JustFoodERP, a leader in the food software industry, has released JustFoodERP 2015 Feature Pack 3, a product update containing a suite of valuable new features. The all-in-one business software unites different parts of a food manufacturing or distribution business under one integrated system and now contains broader built-in support for variable weight products such as those found in meat and seafood industries. It also has many other benefits for food companies, adding support for reading and printing information-rich single-scan bar codes such as GS1, and introducing a streamlined handheld interface for warehouse picking and receiving.

Feature Pack 3 was designed to help food manufacturers and distributors lower costs, simplify complex processes and improve food safety so they can focus on growing their businesses. It captures the real-world complexity of planning and costing interrelated products (like a sub primal beef loin and the various cuts it can yield), and includes over 80 other improvements based on user feedback. Its guided interface is optimized for handheld devices, making picking, receiving and other warehouse jobs easier than ever.

“This feature pack focuses on increasing productivity and tying together our existing variable weight features with streamlined shop floor interfaces and enhanced barcoding, delivering a market leading solution for business relying on variable and catch weights,” says Steve Judges, VP Product Management at JustFoodERP. “The variable weight and product families support is exciting because it simplifies the tracking and costing of protein products which have weights that are inconsistent, and create challenges at all stages of production, from receiving ingredients to shipping finished goods.”

JustFoodERP offers three implementations of its software, Foundation, Professional and Enterprise, offered to companies with a range of needs. With over 10 years of experience implementing ERP at hundreds of food manufacturing and distribution companies, JustFoodERP now offers implementation flavors for most food companies in North America.


About JustFoodERP:

JustFoodERP delivers software for the food industry. Their experienced food experts help your company lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance to keep customers successful. They do this by giving customers the software they need to run their businesses efficiently and profitably. Over 200 customers across North America enjoy the benefits of JustFoodERP software.

JustFoodERP is an IndustryBuilt Software company, with offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Mississauga, Ontario. Visit JustFoodERP, and follow JustFoodERP on Twitter @justfooderp.


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