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Insight, visibility and control over your entire food operation.

Making great food products is at the heart of your business. JustFood is the only software you need to oversee the transformation of raw materials from your suppliers into market ready products to delight customers. We help you to optimize at every step of the way, from production scheduling and execution to logistics and warehousing. Whether you want oversight on maintenance planning or obsess on throughput, we can provide the operational insight to help you do what you do best, but do it even better.

JustFood optimizes food production and manufacturing.

Make the best possible decisions about how you produce food products. JustFood is a complete operations management platform that brings together data from every part of your business. JustFood manages all phases of the production cycle from R&D and costing to planning and batch processing. JustFood gives you the oversight you need to identify any production bottlenecks or process inefficiencies, so you can hit profitable production targets.

JustFood provides end-to-end warehousing, logistics and supply chain management.

Manage the movement and storage of material, from the moment it arrives at your facility until it lands as finished product in the hands of your distributors and customers. JustFood provides accuracy in inventory reporting and handle key activities like picks and put aways, lot tracking, bin management, and input measurement. On the customer facing side of your business, you can manage ordering policies, EDI and your ecosystem of logistics partners.

JustFood manages maintenance of your critical equipment.

Keep every part of your facility humming. JustFood allows you to keep maintenance plans in the same system as your production schedule. This ensures that you can schedule and manage maintenance while still maximizing equipment utilization. When things don't go exactly as planned, JustFood helps you understand the impact of breakdowns and find alternate ways to keep production moving. You can create and track work orders and correlate any downtime and the underlying reasons for it.

Running your food business on JustFood is common sense.

What separates JustFood from other solutions is that it is a purpose built ERP created specifically for the food industry by food and technology experts. JustFood is the only solution that comes pre-built with all of the core features food companies need.

Master Production

Optimize your entire food production process and improve output

Manage production scheduling and planning through to batch processing and consolidation.

Built on a single platform that combines data from all parts of your business.

Match food production to market demand and make what you need when you need to make it.

Streamline Logistics

End-to-end visibility and control of your entire supply chain

Manage materials and inventory from the time it enters your facility until it lands on your customer’s loading dock.

Wrap the logistics processes of your business around the manufacturing and production of food.

All materials are accounted for throughout the warehouse lifecycle.

Control Maintenance

Proactively maintain your equipment and keep production moving

Build maintenance plans, schedule repairs and manage work orders for any unforeseen problems.

Managed in the same system as your production and manufacturing schedules.

Critical equipment is properly serviced with the lowest possible impact on production.

All the features you expect from ERP software and more.

JustFood offers all the sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management features found in Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, we have developed and added hundreds of food features that address safety and compliance, quality and production, recipe development and management, food recall and traceability, and more.

Manufacturing / Production

  • master production schedule (MPS) planning
  • batch / item production consolidation (grouping similar items into same production window)
  • capacity and bottleneck management
  • define and execute equipment operation steps
  • BOM
  • reverse BOM
  • net BOM requirements and calculations
  • multi-plant production management
  • co-packer management
  • co-product management
  • production cost analysis
  • yield reporting
  • allergen management
  • production forecasting
  • activity based costing (labor)
  • recording of manufacturing execution systems (MES)

Warehouse /

  • picks and put aways
  • expiration date management (FEFO)
  • physical count
  • shipping and receiving
  • lot tracking
  • serial tracking
  • license plate / pallet licenses
  • catch weight / variable weight
  • same-site, multi-site inventory transfers
  • planning by sku by location
  • bin management
  • custom per-item reorder policies (quantity, lead time, handling time, safety stock)
  • logistics planning
  • third-party logistics (3PL)
  • device-based warehouse management (WMS)
  • EDI

Plant / Preventative Maintenance

  • maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) work orders (unplanned)
  • machine center asset allocation
  • preventative maintenance scheduling and planning (planned)
  • maintenance cost and time tracking
  • parts inventory management

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