Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way the world works. More specifically, AI is changing the way food organizations work. Manufacturers can now manage and grow their businesses more effectively and more efficiently because AI does what people are not capable of doing. It takes data analysis to the next level, thus enabling manufacturers to get more from their data and create leaner operations across the board.

Microsoft AI utilizes two image analysis options: computer vision and custom vision. As it relates to food manufacturing, this could be hugely helpful in organizing and optimizing your processes.

  • Computer Vision allows the system to identify the content of an image by analyzing it against a massive database of images. Let’s say you upload a picture of recently baked rye bread, but for whatever reason, the system recognizes it as a pile of peanuts. The system learns by allowing users to verify if the analysis was correct or incorrect. The more data associated with that image, the more accurate the system’s analysis will be with subsequent images over time.
    With computer vision, AI generates a confidence level in its response. It’s a percentage score that monitors how convinced the technology is that it made an accurate identification. At first, the score will likely be lower and have many options to select from, but as you continue inputting data, AI will be more likely to match the appropriate image and offer a higher confidence score.
  • Custom Vision starts from an entirely “blank slate.” With this type of vision, you train your model, as opposed to using a pre-trained model, to recognize completely new images. You could, for example, train your system to recognize a food label that you use in your production process. So then, if there’s an error in the processing line, and products are accidentally mislabeled—the system recognizes that. You can train your AI system to match the desired outcome for your products, processes, and facility.

Both computer vision and custom vision do more than just index products and employees; they help quickly detect issues, evaluate data faster, and optimize processes.

Want to learn more? For a more in-depth look at image analysis in a food manufacturing plant, watch the demo on how AI operates in the JustFood ERP system.


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AI in JustFood ERP: Imaging