Eric Boulanger, director of finance for Maison Orphee, discusses the productivity and efficiency benefits of using JustFood ERP. Project manager and head of the JustFood implementation, Boulanger outlines his experience with the process and provides insight into why JustFood was the right choice for their business. Watch Boulanger detail their full story in this video.

How JustFood ERP Increased Efficiency and Productivity

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When we turned on the switch, on February 5, we were up and running at 98 percent. I was a project manager hired to implement JustFood. When I was hired for Maison Orphee three years ago, it was my first goal. That’s why I was hired, I have some experience with implementing ERPs.

I chose JustFood in the end because it was mainly built for the food industry. The old system we had was a made-to-order system, built for engineering projects. They had to customize it a lot for us, so it was a nightmare. We wanted it out-of-the-box as much as possible, and JustFood was 95 percent out of the box regarding our request, after the RFP review. That’s why we chose JustFood.

It’s really easy to use, user friendly, and intuitive. With JustFood, I am able to get direct costs, indirect costs, and raw material costs. I am able to follow it batch by batch. I was blind before, but now I know how much it is costing me. I can have a better view of how people on the line are performing, which helps because we are expecting a certain speed for how many bottles they can put in cases. If they are too slow, my direct costs will increase a lot. I am able to compare it to a standard cost, and I am able to have some key performance indicators on it.

JustFood helps us to increase our productivity now with the system. I was not able to track everything people were doing on the production line, with JustFood now, we have a better idea of how efficient we are, so we are able to control our costs and be more efficient without impacting the quality of our product.

The implementation team we had with JustFood was really professional and well-structured. I would recommend JustFood because it’s a Microsoft product, and it is fully integrated into Microsoft. It is really easy to work with, compared to any other product I have worked with. It’s quite simple; it’s logical.

The investment in JustFood was really great because from day one we realized we had the right system, at the right cost. Fortunately, we were able to implement on budget, on time, and on cost. The key to success with JustFood for my implementation was my team and the team I had with JustFood. To be honest, it was really a perfect match with the business analyst, so it is really important to have a good connection. If you’re in the food industry, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose it again.


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