What is the key to success and growth of any food manufacturing company? For Yorck Haase, IT Director at R.L. Schreiber, the answer is easy: technology. 

R.L. Schreiber is a master purveyor of quality flavor bases, seasonings, herbs, spices and culinary items. It has been crafting and distributing products to the foodservice industry since the late 60s, and this year will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  

For a company like R.L. Schreiber, who’s been in the industry for decades, staying up to date with technological advancements and continuously reevaluating current processes can be daunting. For Haase, however, it’s clear that in order to continue to grow and meet the company’s aggressive sales goals, a streamlined IT approach is a necessity.  

R.L. Schreiber’s Technology Stack 

Haase recently sat down with Toggle Magazine to explain R.L. Schreiber’s technology stack and plans for the future. Haase’s first hurdle: implementing dedicated processes, procedures and standards that ensure the company’s strict quality measures, but also promote fluid, efficient workflows between departments. This meant removing obstacles that stood in the way of sales targets or that didn’t properly contribute to company-wide communication. 

Part of this process for Haase included increasing the ways R.L. Schreiber utilizes its food-specific ERP software, JustFood. R.L. Schreiber has been a JustFood customer since 2010 and uses the system to monitor production, quality checks and traceability. It also helps Haase and his team create a single source of information for all areas of the business including finance, forecasting, planning, procurement and sales, which ensures data integrity and increased visibility into the business. Haase is exploring options to expand R.L. Schreiber’s ability to better leverage analytics and metrics as well, and is looking to technology vendors like JustFood for solutions. 

Also on Haase’s to-do list is improving R.L. Schreiber’s e-commerce presence, implementing a customer relationship management program and modernizing the company’s mobile sales software. 

For more on Haase and R.L. Schreiber, read the full article at ToggleMag.com. For more information on JustFood ERP software, visit our Getting Started page. 


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