Food safety and cost control. If you’re a food manufacturer, these two areas of your business are likely the root of most of your problems. According to Food Processing’s 17th annual Manufacturing Outlook Survey, food safety and cost control are the top pain points for food manufacturers – and it’s not surprising.

Did you know that food safety can cost a food manufacturer upwards of $10 million in lost public and customer confidence?  With the demand for compliance regulation from both retail customers and government agencies growing, as well as increasing pressure to become GFSI, SQF and FSMA certified, ensuring food safety and end-to-end traceability has never been more important.

In terms of cost control, making a profit in the food industry is all about minimizing waste and managing costs across all departments at the most granular level. If your company doesn’t have the ability to drill down on purchasing, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing or sales costs, you could be in trouble.

Thankfully, food manufacturing technology can help. The key to rising above the competition and achieving profitability is having full insight, visibility and control into your company’s data. From safety and compliance to margin control and yield management, technology like ERP software built specifically for the food industry can give you the control you need to take your business to the next level.


“Customers want to be able to slice and dice their information to make decisions. They want to do it immediately. They want to have 100 percent confidence in their data and in the decisions they’re making as a result.”

          -Todd Austin, Pre-sales Senior Application Consultant, JustFood


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